Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cinco de uh oh..

As a proud decedent of Mexican heritage, there are few holidays I like better then Cinco De Mayo. It is a day of fun and usually family. This fifth of May proved to be the exception to the rule. Daniel was called in to work at 3 AM.
"Great, just means he will get off early so he can spend time with his family." I thought as I went back to sleep. The Blacks, Tina and little Anne were coming down for the day. They came by around 1:30 and we went off to the magic house for some great fun. On the way I get the call from Daniel:
"So that problem they called me in for this morning? Yeah, um we are just starting to work on it. I won't be home till after 7." Great. So much for my plans of Hispanic revelry. Oh well. The magic house was great fun as always. After a few hours we headed back home and since the family had to get back to Columbia, it was just Lizzy and I for dinner on my third favorite holiday of the year. Well I'm going to celebrate dang it! So I changed Lizzy's diaper and debated about bringing the roll up. Nah it's right next to our house, no big deal. And with that left the apt. to walk to chili's. We got seated right away and I was feeling good. We put in our order and waited for the food. They were out of crayons so I dug a pen out of my purse to keep Lizzy occupied. That didn't last too long, but luckily the table had ample entertainment in a little blue container filled with sweeteners. Joy! Out they all came in a rush! All over the table. I, being the great parent that I am tried to get Lizzy to sort them by color.
"See this one is blue, can you find a blue one?" Right, she threw a pink one at my head. Not a good game I'm thinking. So we just mix them around when I smell something... Uh oh, she is Poopy. Well, it can't be that bad, we'll just eat and then I'll change her when we get home. No problem.
A little while later I notice that her shirt hem has poop on it. Ugh. Now I need to do something.... So off to the bathroom we go. I get her on the changing table to assess the damage. Well, to my horror, the damage was being pushed out the top of her diaper every time she moved. Not good. Think, think. Ok maybe I can just scoop some out and then clean off her shirt. Yeah, that should work at least till we eat. In retrospect at this point I should have just found the waiter and make a quiet exit, but alas I was determined to celebrate at all costs!
So we return to our table and soon there after our food arrives. Yea food! Half way through our meal I realize my previous solution is not holding. So back to the bathroom we go, I remove her diaper and clean her up as best I can in the stall. Then I throw the diaper away tell Lizzy quite firmly that she can not go Potty till we get home. Roll up a few paper towels as a substitute diaper and we head back to our dinner.
Not one to listen to good advice or commands given by her mother Lizzy soon gets up from her booster and demands that she get down. I ask her what is wrong and try to entice her to sit back down. As this is getting me nowhere I get up to investigate. Sure enough there was a puddle in her booster. And some on the bench... Yuck. Ok, no dessert, check please! We are going home! I try to clean up the sodden mess with napkins and explained to the waiter what had happened. Paid the check and corralled my soaking toddler home. Luckily the day was hot enough that she was moderately dry when we got home. I dumped her clothes and all into the tub and started to clean the whole mess. Lizzy was a trooper. Somewhere along the way we lost the towels. Oh well. Needless to say we were both ready for bed when Daniel came home.
Que dia mas divertido no?

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