Sunday, March 7, 2010

lastest and not so great

So there's something about Sundays. Not the ice cream variety. Last Sunday as we were getting ready for church, Lizzy was spinning with great abandon in our room when suddenly she falls and hits her head Smack on the corner of our bed. CRACK, next thing I know she is wailing and bleeding profusely form her mouth. I grab a washcloth and start dabbing to check the injury. I expected a busted lip, but no, she had split her upper gum. Daniel gave her a blessing, I gave her a frozen gogurt and she settled down. She recovered quickly and was tender, but fine. Great. Wonderful. Daniel had to work these last two Sundays so the Johnsons kindly gave us a ride to church. Which was cut short due to the restrooms overflowing. We had sacrament and then were sent home. Gratefully I couldn't smell very well (I heard the stench was quite overpowering even on the next Tuesday). Also the hose for the steering fluid in the car busted, so Daniel had to muscle his way to work. Luckily we got the fixed on Monday.
So we are trucking along and then Tuesday, BAM, Lizzy does the exact same incident again. Spin...mouth meets bed...Bloody mess only this time she has knocked her front tooth down a bit and ripped up the gums. I called Daniel in a panic, he was on his way home, but that was fruitless. I gave her another frozen gogurt and she calms down and goes to sleep. Whew. Needless to say I a total wreck. Daniel comes home only long enough to say Hi and ask if I need him to stay. Since it is Tuesday he has Young Mens to go to. Lizzy is still sleeping so I told him to go ahead and go.
On Wednesday we took Lizzy to the dentist. She cried her way through an xray. Not a great picture, but no one wanted to do that to her again. Basically Dr. Boain told us to just watch it and if it worsens to come back in a weeks time. Since then Lizzy has learned to eat without the use of her front teeth. She will eat anything left out. Especially the Andes mints I put on the table! But I can't really blame her.
Then this Sunday Daniel lost his wallet. He drove to work anyway hoping it was in his uniform at work. It was in his locker. Yea. Luckily there were no more bloody Sundays thus far. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Here are two pic of Lizzy's teeth.

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  1. notice the bloody shirt, I thought it was a nice touch.


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