Monday, May 16, 2016

Some More of My Bee's Wax

We decided to purchase 2 more hives this year since our previous two had weathered the winter well and seem to be flourishing. Alas we were a little over eager as it turned out. Just as we got the new hive settled, our old hives Swarmed! We had 4 swarms form in the week that followed. Daniel caught 2 of them, but we lost two.We also had to wait until we could buy hive boxes for them.

 Here's the left over comb in the cherry tree from the swarm that left.

 It has been interesting to say the least. Next year we will just buy boxes and try to keep our own bees. Hopefully! Live and learn. Daniel constructed a bee vacuum to retrieve swarms. He was excited to use it, but they left before he got the chance. Here's to next year!

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