Thursday, September 10, 2015

How's your morning?

                Charles erroneously went to school today. He doesn’t officially start until October, but I was notified by transportation that the bus was coming for him today. I dutifully got him ready and away he went. This left us a mere 5 minutes to get Lizzy out of the house to meet her bus. I picked out some clothes for Devon and gave him instructions to put them on. I secured Emily and then Lizzy and I went outside to meet the bus. Lizzy walks most of the way herself. I stay in the yard where I can see her and feed the chickens. A few minutes later Devon comes out holding his clothes and not wearing any pants. I inform him that this is not appropriate and instruct him to return to the house to dress.

                I resumed watering the garden, when he again returns in the same condition. I reiterate how he needs to be dressed to be outside. I think that he has listened and so I finish my tasks and head inside only to discover that he has thrown his clothes in the dirt and was using the hood of the car as his personal slide! I finally convince him to enter the house with me. I sent him in to clean himself since he was covered in dirt. It takes him another 20 miniutes dress himself. I checked on the bathroom to find it sprinkled with globs of soap. Devon tried to help me wipe it up. Fully clothed, we ventured to the grocery store and I realize that I can hardly see out of the windshield. I’m not sure what he smeared all over it, but it resembles soap. Our outing ended with a trip to the car wash which I think was his plan all along. This kid loves the car wash. We returned home in time to get Charles off the bus. He won’t be going on it again.

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