Tuesday, January 6, 2015

All Things Holiday

So I am ashamed to be in the new year without documenting the festivities of the last year. Ugh! Someone hit me with a wet noodle! Anyway, so I should start with Birthdays and Thanksgiving. We celebrated Charles' birthday over the Thanksgiving break, but we still had cake on the 22. 
It's a C for Charles... (ok not really, I gave some to a Sister I visit teach who was in the hospital for her birthday so she didn't celebrate.)
Here's a nice picture of Devon wrangling some chicks:
Then we had the Martins over for the festivities. My picture isn't very good, but it was so cute seeing all the cousins on the couch together.
We put Rex to work making delicious Sushi.

I see a tradition in the making! Charles loved his gifts.

Junon did too.

So much cheese! Then we played at the mall and rode the train. It was fun.

Getting so many kids together is impossible!
All in all it was a great Thanksgiving!

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