Sunday, November 3, 2013

Things That Matter

I wax philosophical in my old age. To wit.. I have been thinking a lot lately about life and all it's abundance of beauty as well as it's dearth of ugliness. It is amazing to me to witness the pure joy of my children running, laughing as they chase around. Equally amazing is how often I am shocked at the crudeness of man. Hurting others for gain or amusement. It is at times like these that I am thankful for my knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  For I know that with faith I can not fear. And I do not. I understand that trials await me and I am aware that pain is inevitable. Losses to be had and tears to be shed, but I remain ever hopeful in the reality of my Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ. For with His aide I can withstand all the buffetings of Satan. I can have hope for the future and Joy in the moments as they come. For they do come.

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