Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Turning 2

Thanksgiving marked the 2nd birthday of Charles. Bring on the Terrific Twos! (I can hope!) We went up to visit Grandma and Papa Gutierrez and the Martins. I love having them so close. The drive was nice, mostly foggy. After having so much rain it was a nice break. Charly was in charge of Charles cake. She did a great job decorating it. Charles didn't seem to know what to do.
From 2012-11-26 Thanksgiving
He is so cute. Here he tried to blow out the candles. He had to have lots of help, but made a valiant effort!
From 2012-11-26 Thanksgiving
This year we noticed how musically inclined he is so we got him a harmonica and kazoo. It took me a while to remember how to play the kazoo. Daniel had to help me. Charles loves the Harmonica. We inherited a hot cars race track so the Martins got him some cars to race. Everyone had fun playing with the cars. Grandma and Papa got him a new Sunday outfit. I am so glad. He grew out of his last church shirt a few weeks ago and I haven't been able to find one for him.
 Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful. I wish I could have brought some leftovers home. Alas. Rex had 2 of his men join us. It was nice getting to know them. Rex also brought a keg of root beer!  
From Online Edits
 Friday we avoided the crowds and helped Jessica move into their new house. It's a beautiful residence with a pretty park in the back. Jessica made a scruptious brunch and Charly made some wonderful cinnamon rolls. I got to help her a little. That was fun! We celebrated Mom's 60th birthday together. It was a nice weekend.
And just for fun here is a cautionary tale about frying turkeys:

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