Thursday, May 24, 2012

18 Months And Still Kicking!

From 2012-05-04 fun

Charles is officially 18 months now. He can go to nursery! Hooray! Being 18 months does come with a few consequences, IE a wellness check-up. Let me take you on our trip to the Doctor.... Recently I began a long term babysitting gig. I have a nearly 3 year old for 2 days a week. Usually we have a great time. I had thought that Charles check-up was on Wednesday when I don't babysit. Alas I was wrong. So I thought OK I'll just take her with me since trying to find a babysitter in this area is nigh impossible. What can go wrong? My two usually do fine. So I told her before we left where we were going and why and that started her whimpering ever so slightly.
 "Well, it will be quick" I try to console myself and her. Half way to the clinic her whimpers have escalated to a repeated statement of failed self comfort, "Mommy will be here." I tried to reassure her that Yes, she will see her Mother soon when Lizzy pipes up, as ever oblivious to the distress she is about to add upon my poor little charge, “Your Mommy is not coming. You will never see your Mom." Thanks Lizzy. Nothing but love for you!  Welcome to full melt down town! Yay!
 By this time we are exiting the car in a full down pour and of course we are only in sweaters because it wasn't raining when we left. Oh joy! We attempt to rush into the building. I say attempt since there was a small skirmish over who was the privileged one to sit in the stroller.
  That solved, we ventured in and looked for the office. This was our first visit. I consulted my phone and found the right room number. We get in and immediately my kiddos head for the toys, my charge needed to be held so I picked her up and while trying to be consoling, attempt to check in. I receive a stack of paperwork and try to sit down when I am informed of everyone’s immediate need to use the facilities. So we pack up and head down to the restrooms. That accomplished we return and Charles is called.  We follow the nurse into the exam room and I get Charles undressed and put him on the scale. He does a little shiver and then seemed to flex all his muscles at once. The nurse was impressed! It was quite humorous.
 He is right on track developmentally. The doctor was very happy about his results.  His height was 31.75 in. which put him in the 33%. His Weight was 22lbs.  Which is the 6.74% I was surprised at how low that was, but the doctor assured me that he is fine, just active and running though calories at an accelerated rate.  I couldn’t argue that as at that very moment he was chasing Lizzy back and forth across the exam room. He also eats all the time so I am not worried. His head circumference was 46.2 cm. so that placed him in the 11.77%. The best part of this was not having to get shots! We all got a sticker and a treat and headed home. My charge finally stopped crying when I told her that we were going home to watch Toy Story, her favorite movie. Lizzy upset her further by saying we can’t watch Toy Story because she didn’t want to. Thanks Lizzy! You are a champ. 

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  1. Just think, in a little under 9 months you might get to experience that all over again, maybe more than once a day. :) You're a great mom and I am sorry but I had to laugh at Lizzy's negativity.


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