Friday, April 6, 2012


My parents we able to spend a few days with us this week. I love having them visit. We had such a good time. We checked out Vancouver Lake Park They had a strange kind of teeter-totter there:
From 2012-04-03 Fort Vancouver
Charles didn't like it much. Then we went to the Fort! I had wanted to go there for some time and we went on a rainy day. There was a school tour going on so we got to see and hear quite a bit. Lizzy held our Map.
From 2012-04-03 Fort Vancouver
The blacksmith knew quite a bit about the history, it was fun talking to him.
From 2012-04-03 Fort Vancouver
Then we went to the general store. Can you guess what is in those tied bags hanging from the ceiling?
From 2012-04-03 Fort Vancouver
It is Tobacco. Everything was valued by beaver pelts. As in, 14 salmon to 1 beaver pelt. Next we ventured in the kitchen when Mom was asked to wash the dishes. Little did we know how many other things were included in that chore! Mom respectfully declined. The cook tantalized us with Steamed brown bread.
From 2012-04-03 Fort Vancouver
and fresh apple turnovers. It smelled divine, but they can't feed the public, alas.
From 2012-04-03 Fort Vancouver
Then we checked out the other buildings and climbed the tower. Here's Charles on a cannon.
From 2012-04-03 Fort Vancouver
Then we hoofed it up the hill and had a delicious lunch at the Grant House. Next we checked out books from the Library. We ended the day by having Lumpia at home. Yum!


  1. Great fun! This is near where you live?

    1. Yes, it is down town. A great place to take your kids!


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