Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Moving Target

On our last day in Bremerton we went to the Lowe's build and grow workshop and then Jessica and the gang came over to say goodbye. We had a nice visit and then Daniel took off with the truck. We stayed and chatted and then the girls got held up Grandma style!
From 2012-02-21 Playing @ Grandmas
 We took a few pictures and then we headed down to our new abode in Vancouver. Lizzy tells everyone that we moved to "Couver." It only took us a few days to make it livable. I think we are getting good at this! Here's a video tour of our new place:
From 2012-02-21 Playing @ Grandmas
So we are starting our new adventures in Vancouver. So far its been nice, the ward is very friendly and the library is amazing. I am excited to discover more!

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