Wednesday, October 19, 2011


For my niece's eighth birthday we had a World of Warcraft theme. I had the distinct privilege of being a Mage:
From 2011-10-03 Taylor's birthday
I got to inform the magi how their powers work. The guests got to choose between Mage, Warrior, Hunter and Priest. Each had a special ability. Magi throw fireballs, we used soaker balls sans water. Later I became one of the beasts they had to slay. I was a two headed ogre. Here's Lizzy my little helper:
From 2011-10-03 Taylor's b
We hid behind the ogre and shot Nerf guns at the kids.Then after the second wave of intrepid warriors came through Lizzy and I followed them down the water soaked terrain. I was not prepared for exactly how water soaked the terrain was. I lost both shoes to the muddy recesses. I recovered them with out too much difficulty and just went barefoot the rest of the time.
 Once they crossed the bridge they had to face a demonic robot intent on taking over the world! My sister threw projectiles at the assailants. Then after defeating this mighty foe they had to "blow up a door way":
From 2011-10-03 Taylor's birthday
The kids loved popping all those balloons! And finally they had to face My Brother in law, Daniel and our friend Pat to finally win their quest. It was pretty intense. Check out the video:
 I think everyone had a great time. Taylor got a ton of nerf guns and Legos. 
 I can't wait for the next battle! 

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