Walking on

On Monday the 12th we met together to have Family Home Evening As we do every Monday night. Ours starts with a Hymn and prayer, then we have a brief lesson and then we have share-time. This is usually the best part. It is when everyone starting from the youngest to the Oldest gets to share something. It doesn't matter what it is, everyone gets a chance to shine. We all applaud the person after each turn. So after Mom gave a wonderful lesson on what we learned in Stake Conference we turned to Charles for his share time when, low and behold, he takes three steps toward Mom by himself! We were all amazed and began clapping. Charles thought that was great and during Lizzy's share time he proceeded to take three more steps. He is a scene stealer for sure!  So of course I did not have my camera on me so no fun video, but I'll be ready next time! Nine months and Walking! Heaven help me. Here's a video I took at the Mall:
From 2011-09-16 Mall


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