Saturday, August 6, 2011

Grant's Home

From 2011-07-28 Ulysses Grant Home
President Ulysses S. Grant was stationed at the Jefferson Barracks when he visited the Dents at White Haven. (His friend from West Point's family.) There he met Julia. Who he persuades to marry him. She said that she preferred to be engaged and he decided that was enough. Then he was sent out for four years where upon his return Julia still wanted to marry him and so they did. Ulysses did not spend much time here, but Julia did, 3 of their children were born here. Their families did not like the match. He being from the North and anti-slavery and she being from the South and had slaves. His family treated poor Julia abominably when she was around. After the death of her Mother and the failing health of her Father, Ulysses bought White Haven with the hope of raising race horses there. However he was elected for a second term in office as President and so he never came back to White Haven. Interesting side note, the green paint has Arsenic in it to achieve the color!  Here Lizzy has located the washing machine:
From 2011-07-28 Ulysses Grant Home
The ice they brought in from the river stayed frozen in the Ice house for 4 years! They just packed it in saw dust and straw. Amazing.

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