Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Morning Routine

Sung to the tune of Billy Joel's the Piano man
 It's 6 am this Saturday, and Lizzy shuffles in.
Seems her night is over and she's ready for the day to begin.
She says, " Mom it's time to get up, I want to watch some pink."
And I know she is ready so I take her to the potty and then I get her a drink.

 "It's time to get up Mommy. The day started an hour ago.
I need milk in my sippy and I think maybe some cereal in my bowl."

Da da da da da dad daaa....

 It's still early this Saturday, and I groggily get to my feet,
since firefox's broke I need to use chrome to find some episodes of pink.
And Lizzy is sitting there waiting a sippy and bowl in each hand,
She ready for the day, so lets get up and play.
Who knows what we have planned.

Da ada da daada da dada daaa...

Repeat Chorus

The movie is running perfectly. The sound is turned down low.
I feed Charles his morning meal and hope he's ready to go.
Maybe if they're distracted I can take a shower,
As soon as I'm gone, then some one yells, "Mom"
And I know just what they're  after.

Repeat Chorus

It's a pretty good day for a Saturday,
Every one's home just now and we just can't wait
to take on the day, look out, were coming out now.

Da da da daaa da ada adaada  etc...

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