Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Breakfast at the Bartholomews

So we decided on waffles and since we had whipping cream and strawberries on hand, to add them to the list. Not bad, not bad, but wait! What about some Bacon? I just need to thaw some out and cook it up. Yes, oh wait... Hmm "Daniel, want to whip the cream?" this innocent sounding request was actually quite sinister since all the equipment was in the dish washer. So Daniel bravely starts to whip by hand. Soon thereafter he muses how anyone ever had the patients to do this by hand in the first place. I pull out the mixing bowl and whip and clean them off. We dump the cream in and put it on HIGH! Come on kitchen aid, do your thing!
Well soon I am dodging flying debris and run for the mixer...yes folks we have BUTTER! Ok well, fresh butter is good on waffles. Let’s try this again shall we... I take the new butter out and lament the fact that I could have used the butter milk in the waffles had I only known! Alas. I re-clean the mixer and start afresh. This time I check it more frequently and all looks well. Until... I quickly turn it off when I realize we are past the cream state and have wandered into new territory. Somewhere between Cream and Butter. Hmm, sweet cream? Oh well by this time the bacon and waffles were done so we just put it all on the table and commenced to partake. Let me just tell you, it was amazing. I hope to never go through this hour long process for breakfast again, but it sure was tasty!

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