Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring has sprung and gone

So in this marvelous world of the "mid-west" I find myself frequently scratching my head and looking outside with a mixed look of wonder and incredulation. As one who grew up in the West, (Northwest to be specific) I am accustomed to varying weather. However there is a bit of consistency to it. But HERE in the "mid-west" there is no consistency, no patterns and just plain weirdness! For example: This past week we have had 3 days of 70 deg weather followed by snow and hail. There was even a small tornado last week just to spice things up! In the course of the last month we have had Hail,  Snow, Sleet, Sun, Rain and the poor thermometer outside gave up the ghost from sheer exhaustion! I am in a state of discontent.
  I finally saw some vestiges of spring last week. A scattering of miniature daffodils and a few blossoms on bushes. Monday there were 7 Magnolias bravely touting their colors. I was excited for the promised spring was at last upon us, wooing us from our winter dens, BUT it was a LIE! I tell you! A LIE! For today outside my frosted window lies an inch of snow with more falling. What did I do to deserve this? I know it is the last days and all, but come on! I want a week of sunshine. Is that too much to ask? Seven days? OK, OK six? Including the weekend? Pretty please with sugar on top? No? Humph. Fine then. I'll be hibernating till next spring. See you then!

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