Friday, November 5, 2010

Doctor Doctor

Lizzy has been sick lately and on Sunday she got a bloody nose. So I took her to the doctors to see if there was anything wrong, or anything I could do to help her. With all these medication recalls I didn't know what to give her for her cold and cough. As we entered the doctors office Lizzy started saying over and over how she didn't want the doctor to touch her belly. I had no idea where this came from so I explained that the doctor was going to look in her ears and nose and mouth, not at her belly. She seemed pacified for the moment, but when the nurse came into the exam room she started up again. I explained again and showed her the tools the doctor would use to look in her ears and mouth. She said OK and we read a book and waited for the doctor. The prognosis was good, no ear infections! Yea! And no antibiotics needed. I was able to pick up some over the counter cold medicine and she is doing fine now. I still was confused about the whole tummy thing though. Well on Wednesday all was revealed. I took Lizzy to my weekly appointment at my Obgyn's office. She has been to nearly every appointment with me. And what do they do there? They check my tummy of course! Ha, no wonder she was concerned. She sees me get checked all the time. Too funny.

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