Saturday, January 16, 2010

Exploring St. Louis

Today we set out on an adventure with three spots in mind. The Arch, the Old Cathedral and the old courthouse. All within an easy walking distance from each other. Fate, it would seem, was against me from the start. This morning was quite misty so there could be no view from the arch. We went in the old Cathedral and were told there was a wedding at the arch so we couldn't go there anyway. The Cathedral was quite nice, rebuilt 4 different times and renamed twice.

Then we set out for the old court house. You can't leave your vehicle at the Cathedral so off we went in search of a parking spot. On Saturdays the parking on the street is free. Hooray, however everyone and their dog had already snagged the only parking spots in the area. After circling an endless amount of times, we set off in a new direction that took us promptly over the Martin Luther King Bridge and into Illinois. Our trip thus rapidly ended as we headed back home. I did get to see where Daniel's warehouse is though! Alas another failed attempt to see St. Louis... Better luck next time.

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